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Organic SEO

"Organic SEO" is similar in that it is a natural conclusion of value, free of monetary influence, and it is sustainable for all parties involved. To explain this we will need to start with differentiating between "Organic Search Results" and "Organic SEO."

Organic Search Results refer to the basic non-sponsored results you get when using a search engine (shown below). While SEM refers to the sponsored search results - SEO, in the strictest sense, is the effort to increase your organic search ranking.

Organic SEO typically refers to the organic methods of SEO. There have been a lot of black-hat tricks and SEO short cuts come and go over the years. Companies (even large ones) have subscribed to these "overnight" methods and almost invariably they are met with disaster. After enjoying a short time at the top, Google can make one adjustment to their formula and that company is on the 10th page overnight. Remember, search engines are always changing, and they are in constant pursuit to provide better and more useful search results to their clients. Organic SEO practices are not about LOOKING like the most relevant - they're about BEING the most relevant. Sure, there is always room for a little ham, but you won't get far for long with the search engines by artificially manipulating the system.

Benefits of Organic SEO:
The benefits of organic SEO are that the people who browse the internet click more on the site that has been organically optimized. If your web page is relevant to the search it will appear automatically on the search engines like Yahoo, Google and MSN without having to make payment of any sort.

Organic search results might be slow in listing the websites, but its listing is a much more stable and long term process. The search listing which appears through organic search is a more permanent one than PPC which generally runs for a specified time span after which it dissolves and disappears.

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